• Drumtune PRO Drum Tuner App for iOS

    Tailor your sound to suit your personal recording and gig needs! Define fundamental drum tone and sustain. Calculate head pitches according to drumhead choice and resonance needs. Tune your drum kit to intervals and more… Create your 'signature drum sound'. Express your individual style.

  • Intuitive Drum Tuner Interface

    Tune drums by intuition. Easy and fast. Enjoy Drumtune PRO's pixel-perfect design. Experience usability through clear navigation, instant drum tuning feedback and animated design. You will never need your ears again. Oww yeah!

  • Kit Builder

    Build and customize your drum kits. Arm your drum kits with snares, kicks, toms or floor toms and add them to your personal kit library. Own as many custom builts as you like and carry them all in your pocket! The kit library is a great tool to store and access your arsenal and its drum tuning presets.

  • Signature Drum Sound

    Design your signature drum sound with Drumtune PRO. Define fundamental notes and experiment with sustain settings. Create pitch-perfect drum tuning presets for gig or studio needs. Whatever style or kit you play, you will sound amazing.

  • Drum Tuning Presets

    Edit the drum tuning settings from your drums added with the kit builder. Save your drum tuning settings as personal drum tuning presets in a library, ready to be recalled at any time in the future. Create as many custom drum tuning presets as you like, modify or delete them and arrange their order. If you own more than one drum kit, or if you have different drum tuning settings regarding the style you play, just store separate tuning presets in the library. Easy to recall! Recreate your signature drum sound with Drumtune PRO, consistently, time after time. Whenever. Wherever.

  • Earphones Mode & Tone Generator

    When your earphones are plugged in, Drumtune PRO outputs the fundamental pitch directly to your ears. Listen to the fundamental pitch to use it as an audible tuning reference. Compare the drum's pitch with the target reference pitch you're hearing and train your ears like a pro!

  • Pitch Difference Scale

    Check the difference between your target pitch and the detected pitch instantly on an intuitive and clear scale. Read the exact pitch difference in Hz or Cents. Rely on Drumtune PRO's responsive drum tuning feedback to see at a glance if the tensioning bolt has to be tuned up or down. Achieve an impressive drum sound within minutes!

  • Lug Tuner Mode

    Scan your lugs & Keep visual track of all lug pitch differences while tuning your drum kit. Observe which bolts have to be tuned up or down and match lug pitches to obtain equal overtones along the bearing edge for even head tension. Lug tuner mode automatically assists you with tuning your lugs in the correct order and pattern, pretty cool! Drumtune PRO lets you fine-tune your lugs pitch-perfect for that finishing touch!

  • Drum Tuner Note or Hz Tone Display

    Groove in key! Drumtune PRO displays fundamental drum tone, batter/resonant head pitches in either Note or Hz with a simple slide of the finger. Pitch differences are clearly shown in Hz or as a note offset in cents for easy tuning to the key of the song you're recording!

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Drum Tuner App Specifications

Recommended Devices

Microphone equipped iOS device and iOS 5,6 or 7 is required.

Designed for:

iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone 4s iPhone 5

Works on:

iPad 2 and newer with iOS 5,6 or 7 iPod Touch 4 and 5th generation

Kit Builder

Kicks (18",20", 22",24",26")
Snares (10",12", 13", 14", 15")
Toms & floortoms (5", 6", 8", 10", 12", 13", 14", 15", 16", 18")

Kit Library

Auto-name snare, kick, tom, floortom
Add/Delete snare, kick, tom, floortom
Arrange/Rearrange order snare, kick, tom, floortom
Edit tuning preset settings snare, kick, tom, floortom
Unlimited # of snares, kicks, toms, floortoms

Drum Tuner Settings

Shell sizes (5”>26”)
Lug amount (#5>#10)
Drumhead library (Evans, Remo, Aquarian)

Signature Drum Sound Designer

Fundamental drum tone (Note/Hz)
Batter drumhead lug pitch (Note/Hz)
Resonant drumhead lug pitch (Note/Hz)
Resonant drumhead tuning (High/Low/Off)
Drum tuner sustain indicator (max, long, med, short)

Lug Tuner Mode

Automatic display of preset lug amount (#5>#10)
Pitch difference display per lug
Active lug selection
Automatic drum tuning pattern guidance
Switch between drum lug tuner mode and needle display mode

Drum Tuner

Tune to target notes/pitches (Hz/Note)
Accurate pitch difference detection (Cents/Hz)
Needle & scale display-type (incl. color indication)
Responsive tune up or down indication (animated drum tuner interface)
Instant drum tuning & powerful drum tuner algorithms (patent pending)

Drum Tuning Preset Library

Auto-name drum tuning preset
Add/Delete drum tuning preset
Arrange/Rearrange order drum tuning preset
Edit drum tuning preset settings
Store unlimited # of drum tuning presets
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